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By: anandshenoy | August 02, 2016

Getting more patients to a dental clinic is a task, especially for new practitioners or newly set up dental clinics. To attract more patients, a dental specialist in Dubai needs to have have a lot of experience and expertise in the field. One thing that attracts a lot of patients is the cutting edge technology used. Though many dental professionals are successful in setting up their own clinic or office, there are many professionals who fail in marketing their work.

The best marketing tactic to draw more patients is word-of-mouth. This is an age old marketing technique and it has been the one success factor implemented by many successful businesses. Word-of-mouth starts when people start recommending a certain specialist to their peers. In ...

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By: anandshenoy | May 27, 2016

Nothing can be more attractive than a crystal white smile on anyones face. A bright and joyful smile can do wonders but at the same time it is not easy to get a bright smile. Some are lucky to own a white smile naturally while there are many who struggle to get an attractive smile throughout their lifetime but the world has developed a lot now and has a large number of varied products to ease the struggle of such individuals. Some of such products are listed in this article and these are quite famous for teeth whitening in Dubai.


All teeth whitening products have different results on different individuals and it really requires a lot of patience and hit and trail to discover the best one for you. Also one needs to keep his or her budget...

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